Michael A A-Antony.

I’m a passionate Polish based web designer & front‑end developer focused on crafting clean  & user‑friendly experiences. As a WordPress/ WooCommerce Experts and I provide custom solutions.

100 % , I am able to work on my own to give 100% solutions, I am also able to team up in solidarity to achieve more goals.

Capabilities include design, development and extending WooCommerce …

Further Capabilities includes setting up Websites for large audience, security optimizations, SEO experts and so on.


Below you can see some projects I’ve been working on lately. I divide each project into follow-up areas: comprehensive research, wireframing, design & development.

This process allows me to create great products for large audience of more than 1,000,000 page views websites per months with client goals in mind.

While focusing on world class standard of web designs following Google Page Speed and gtmetrix.com world standard tos on web design.

Alles Europa News English.


For EU startup alleseuropa.net I created Website and mobile version of their site.

I was responsible for all level of design from the starts to an end, UI design, interactions, SEO, optimization to meet their millions of visitors, security, advertisement & front-end development.

Checking their website on https://gtmetrix.com to compare it world class design, they scored  100/100 which was reduced to 90% because of external advertisements code.

For private Website who are not running third parties advertisement 100/100 is ensure to make you rank higher a factor that generate more sales for your products.


Face Of Nigeria Blog.


I was responsible for all design, SEO , interaction design & front-end development.

Checking their website on https://gtmetrix.com to compare it with world class design, they scored 100/100 design scores, which was reduced to 90% because of external advertisements code.

Both Website above serves a large audience of over 10 million visitors per months.

Before I deliver website to my client I will ensure that you meet world class standard a best factor to rank high in search engines above your competitor.

If my website is not above 90% , It means my clients are running external so many advertisement that will need my re-optimizations.

Alles Europa Polska.


Alles Europa Polska is a health portal that promote local health goal in minds, I design it from start to the end and I also followed all the sea tos.


I have also design so many websites that I have not been authorized by my client to list in this Portfolio, meaning that I value your privacy protocol above my own needs to promote my own endeavors.

About me.

I am a perfectionist, I love 100% in everything that hold my signatures, my friends says that I am crazy, so sometimes I compromised but it must be above 90%.

I’m web designer & front-end developer with over 20 years of professional experience.

I love to run away from this world sometimes into nature where their is no noise :)

I’m interested in all kinds of visual communication, but my major focus is on WordPress web designing , mobile & tablet interfaces.

I also have skills in other fields like branding, security optimization or web development.

Currently I’m working for little overgrown bestwebdevelopers.org “start-up” as a founder and Senior  Web Developers.